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Month: November 2016

Google is winning with Open Source Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engines

Over the past year, the major players in technology have been trying to jump start their Artificial Intelligence (AI) efforts.  As AI has become the cornerstone technology for the next generation technology company , the largest companies decided to move faster by Open Sourcing their core technology.  Google, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon have joined the race to open up their code.  And Google has emerged as the clear winner at this point. (Data at the end of this article)

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One Billion Users is the new benchmark for apps

As crazy as that sounds, that is the new benchmark, ONE BILLION USERS! Not that long ago it was one million users that made people get excited. This new benchmark is a result of  easy electronic access, fast adopting global applications and global forward thinking companies.  How will this start changing/influencing the world in politics, behavior and other human influenced decision making?  I don’t know the answer, but I think we have to think about this new trend and if there needs to be any regulations to dampen these companies influence.

Google has seven apps with one billion users – each!  1b-chrome-users

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