Blog’s that are recommended are sometimes the best to follow.  Here are some of the blogs I am currently following:

Tim O’Reilly’s Blog is a great trendsetter to take you where tech will be. I owe Tim a lot for helping us set up CollabNet many years ago.

Marc Andreesen and Ben Horowitz’s VC firm always have interesting comments on this home page.

Brad Feld is the pre eminent venture capitalists in Colorado. Always fun to read his blog.

Howard Morgan has been a venture investor for a long time including Idea Lab and First Round Capital.  He also funded Partsearch where I was CIO.

Peter O’Kelly an old friend from IBM and Lotus has been in the software world for a while and streams a steady diet of software news and comments.

Doc Searls always has an interesting view on the Internet and Open Source. I thank Doc for counseling me on my early views of Open Source and his comrade on the Jabber advisory board

Nigel Beck is an old boss and a current friend for years.  His views are always meant to tickle your brain.

Reeves Little and I worked together a long time at ResNova Software and he always has a bit of humor and sarcasm in his posts.

And of course my daughters music blog Crave The Sound 

And if you like great articles read my Flip Magazines: Innovation in the 21st Century  and  Startup Disruption